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My Happy Place

"The Vibration created when colors touch is what inspires me.

One thing that I am sure of is that I was born an Artist. Not as a label given but as a soul sense. I've always known it.


I have a very early memory of being 3 years old and sitting at the kitchen table. White lined paper and crayons in front of me. I colored in those lines obsessively. A sheet of deep colors, midnight blue (my favorite crayon) next to crimson next to a deep purple and on and on till the sheet was full. Sheets of dark colors, sheets of light and mid range colors. And then I would put them on the refrigerator.

My mother has told me that a child psychiatrist had been over and told her that I was an Artist. I'm pretty sure that my mother actually sought out some professional advice about my obsession.

Funny thing is, I was never asked why I did it. Yet I knew very well why. I'll tell you know so that you will better understand my Artist statement.

I did it to feel the vibration of the colors touching.

My Happy Place

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